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A Final Fantasy 7 story
by Aaron Bergman

Final Fantasy is the sole property of Squaresoft Ltd., and this is by no means meant to compete with them.

Look, j00, this is a lemon. We’re talking hard-core pornography (with a storyline; my inner editor wouldn’t let THAT slide), but it describes sex in very detailed, very gratuitous ways. If that bugs you, or if you’re under eighteen (for some reason, y’all aren’t supposed to know that sex exists, so TO THE FOOT OF THE LINE WITH j00!!!!) then don’t bother reading this.

If you want to see what happens when I REALLY CUT LOOSE, though, you’re welcome to stick around…

-Lemon Warning-

"Aw, c'mon," I whined teasingly. "It'll be fun, Cait Sith!"

Cait Sith looked at me dubiously, the cat reaching up to scratch his chin. "I dunno, Aeris… I'm just a really big toy… are you sure this sort of thing is right?"

"I wouldn't DREAM of doing this with anything but a toy…" I blushed slightly. "Except maybe Cloud, of course…"

"Well, okay…" Kait Sith held up a muumuu. "Do you think that this would help disguise me?"

What did you think we were doing? Why, don't be silly!

I was just a little bored, that's all. Cloud had decided to take Red-Thir… er, Nanaki and Barret into the mountains, scouting out a safe route. He'd said that he'd be back in a few hours and had told us to wait until then.

The idea was fine, I suppose; a girl DOES like to feel protected… sometimes… but the problem was that it meant I had to sit in town with Cait Sith (who, to give him credit, WAS fun to have around) and… Tifa.


I just can't figure out how to feel about Tifa!

Should I hate her? Should I like her? Technically, we ARE competing over the same man… but still, I think that we could be friends.

Or maybe I'm just being nice again. Why do I have to be so damned nice? Why can't I be greedy for once? I could have Cloud… if I was willing to take him away from Tifa. But she needs him…

And I don't. I just want him. There's a difference.

But don't I deserve to be selfish sometimes? Why do I always have to be the one giving away pieces of myself to other people? WHY?!

The voices whispering in the wind have no answer for me, aside from the solemn statement that such things are my birthright.

"Hey, hey, Aeris, don't go freakin' out on me, okay?"

I felt Cait Sith's soft stuffed hand on my shoulder and shook myself slightly. "I'm sorry, I must've been listening to the Planet a bit too closely. I'm fine, don't worry!" I smiled for him, but he must've seen that there was something wrong with it.

"Are you sure?" He sounded doubtful.

"Yes I am!" I could see that he wasn't convinced, but he didn't press me any further. I sighed. "I'm just… a little distracted, is all. Don't let me stop you from shopping for disguises…"

Cait Sith shrugged his shoulders, the cat on top of his head grinning. "There ain't that much that could disguise me, not unless the person was legally blind…"

I drew myself up and did my best imitation of Cloud's sometimes stilted speech, putting one foot forward and my left hand on my hip in his patented 'casual' stance. "We never know when we might have to sneak into a place where the Shinra have placed guards; just in case, we should all have some sort of disguise ready, no matter how silly they might seem. Even though it'll be really dangerous, so Aeris, Tifa, you stay behind…"

Apparently my impersonation was better than I thought, because the cat was laughing fit to fall off his stuffed mount. He clutched at an ear, straightened himself, and said, "Wow, you do that pretty good. Maybe you could be a comedian after all this is over, hey?"

After all of this was over, huh? What a strange thought… would it end?

I suddenly started hoping that it would never end… that things would go on like this forever. Because I had the strange feeling that if things did end, if Cloud had to choose between Tifa and I, he would make the wrong choice, for the wrong reasons…

The thought was enough to make a girl seriously depressed. I turned to Cait Sith, nodded, and said, "I think I'm going to go be by myself for a little while, okay?" Without waiting for an answer, I pushed past him and walked out the door.

Once outside, I shivered in the cold wind from the mountains and looked around. "I wonder where I could get a drink?"

I felt a nudge at my forearm. "Huh? Whazzat?" I lifted my head slowly, (the world was spinning really fast and I didn't want to risk throwing myself off) gradually bringing a very familiar pair of breasts into view.

"We've been looking all over for you, Aeris! Cait Sith thought that you'd gone out into the wilderness to think by yourself, but I thought that maybe…"

I tried to shove her away, but only ended up pushing myself off the stool. "G'way!" I saw the floor coming closer, then, like a snippet taken out of my life, I was looking up at Tifa's concerned face.

"Are you all right, Aeris?"

I turned my face away from her. "No I'm not. G'way, I wash havin' fun 'til HYOU shewed up…"

I heard her ask the bartender, "How much has she had?" His response was silent, but she whistled softly. "Wow…"

I felt a hand at my elbow and I tried to shake it off, but Tifa's grip was firm. She hefted me to my feet and slung my arm over her shoulder. "How much does she owe you?"

"Nothin'. She paid as she got it, Ma'am."

"Good." The world was still moving too fast for me to keep up, so she half-walked, half-carried me out the door, helping me stay on my feet. "Wow, you really went and got wasted, didn't you?"

I mumbled, "S'not thash bad. I'kin handle it…"

"Yeah, right." She put an arm around my waist, hoisting me up a bit further so I wouldn't tumble down the steps. As she carried me back to the inn, the cold wind from the mountain cleared away a bit of the fog in my mind. The fact that one of her breasts was pressing into my sides was an annoying distraction, but I tried to ignore it and remember why I'd gotten drunk in the first place.

It danced elusively just out of my reach, but I knew it had something to do with Tifa…

I must've dozed off, because the next thing I remember is groaning out loud. Tifa stopped. "Just figures she'd need to throw up…" she muttered, and I was pretty sure that I wasn't supposed to have heard her.

"I don' have to throw up…" I mumbled, and then I proved myself wrong.

Tifa sighed, and I got the feeling that she'd done this quite a few times before. "Just another drunk."

I think I dozed off again, because the next thing I remember is Tifa opening the door to our room with her free arm. The hinges squeaked badly as it swung shut behind us.

Tifa cursed once. "Cait Sith isn't home yet. Dammit, guess I'll have to clean you up by myself…"

She took me into the bathroom and sat me on the toilet. I think that I leaned over to the side, because the whole room was at a funny angle; but maybe the world was just tilting again. Tifa shook her head as she looked down at me. "Aw man, that dress is a TOTAL wreck. I'll have to take it off her and bathe her…" The martial artist shook her head again as she looked in the tub. "And I'll have to hold her up in there, too…"

She shrugged out of her tank top, and I watched in detached amazement as Tifa peeled off THREE sports bras, one after the other. I wondered for a moment if that's what had made her breasts look so big (a jolt of sudden envy piercing me) but, if anything, the triple layer had restrained them. They bobbed cheerfully, almost mockingly, as she reached down and unbuttoned her skirt. She reached for the edge of her panties, stopped, and blushed.

"I… what am I embarrassed about?" Quickly, as though not wanting to wait until she changed her mind again, she stripped off her panties and tossed them to the small pile of her clothing. Then, she reached for me…

The cold water woke me with a sudden shock. I gasped and looked around as the freezing water ran down my front, sending a chill through my nipples. A chuckle sounded from behind my head, and Tifa's hot breath tickled my ear as she spoke. "Thought that might wake you up." It made me shiver even more than the cold water, but in a slightly different way.  A sponge came up and wiped gently along my front and throat.

What came next was only natural. Firm, strong hands holding me up… the cold water streaming across my body… a gentle touch running all across my body, spreading heat in its wake… and I know that I gasped out loud when she lifted me and dragged the sponge across my inner thighs and sex quickly and roughly.

Well. Anyone who says that taking a cold shower cuts down on arousal has never taken one while a beautiful woman's breasts press into your back.

I let her help me out of the tub in a warm, pleasant haze. The way she dried me off with the towel didn't help matters any. She MUST have noticed the way that my arousal was showing, but if she did, she just ignored it… somehow. Tifa tilted my head up and put a small cup to my lips. "Rinse it around in your mouth and then spit it out." I did just that. It had a minty, beautiful aftertaste.

She looked down at the twin piles of discarded clothing and snorted. "I don't think I'll even bother. It isn't as if Cait Sith's a man anyway…" She picked me up, not even pretending to support me any more, and I wrapped my arms around her, more out of a fear of falling than anything else.

I think, though, it was when she tried to drop me on the bed and I didn't let go that I decided to do something about the feelings coursing through me. She fell on top of me, half-in and half-out of the bed, her breasts pressing against mine… her face was only inches away from mine, and I did something… impulsive.

I leaned up and kissed her.

For a moment, she did nothing; well, perhaps a bit more than nothing, because her mouth had been open in a gasp of surprise, and my tongue danced into her mouth, playing with hers. Then, she drew back and slapped me.


I raised one hand to my cheek, but kept my other arm wrapped around Tifa. "I- I'm sorry, but… I just don' wanna fight you any more…" I turned my head aside and started crying, shivering in the sudden withdrawal of my arousal.

"What do you mean?"

"You an' me an' Cloud… it's all gonna end up badly unless… one of us jus' gives up…"

Even though I wasn't looking at her, I could hear in her voice that she didn't want to talk about it. "It… it doesn't matter right now, okay? After all this is over…"

"NO! DON'T TALK ABOUT WHEN IT'S ALL OVER!! WHAT IF IT NEVER GETS OVER!? WHAT IF SEPHIROTH KILLS US ALL!!!" I screamed it out, not caring who heard me, only wanting to give vent to the fears that had been clouding my heart since that afternoon.

I felt one of her arms move out from underneath me, and then she gently seized the hand that I'd put where she'd slapped me. She lifted it and held it against her own cheek. "D-don't talk like that, Aeris. If we keep believing we can beat him… then…"

I shook my head, and I felt a tear slide against my hand. "You don' know what s'like, Teeeefa… I can hear the Planet scream, wherever he goes… he's a plague, an infection…" I couldn't talk any more, I just sobbed incoherently.

"Shh… shh…" She gathered me up in a hug and started gently rocking me back and forth… which got me started again. I'm sure she felt my nipples poking her again, but she didn't react. I'd almost fallen asleep again when she asked softly, "How would, um… er… sleeping with me solve any problems?"

"Mmm?" I looked up at her, and saw that she was staring at me with an intent expression, almost… a hunger. "I… it might not solve anything, Tifa. But… it might… make us feel a little better…"

She leaned down and kissed me.

That's such a short, almost lifeless sentence; it doesn't begin to describe what happened in those few seconds. While she thrust her tongue into my mouth aggressively, her left hand came up to the back of my head, and her right trailed a path of electricity down my back, ending up in the small hollow right above my ass. I pressed myself into her, marveling at how soft her breasts were, wanting to feel as much of them as I could…

Some small part of me wondered if this made me a lesbian, but all of the rest of me was intent upon the woman who was my rival and now my lover. We broke our kiss for a moment, and I chuckled softly. Tifa looked at me and asked, "What was that about?"

I shook my head. "Amazing… I don' feel drunk at all… except on you…" I moved off her lap and sat on the bed beside her, reaching out one hand to take one of her breasts. I weighed it in my palm for a moment, then bent my head down and took her nipple into my mouth gently.

She sighed and her hands came to the back of my head again. After a moment, one of them slid away from my head and took my own breast, rolling the point between two fingers. I smiled again, this time because she certainly was getting the idea quickly… which gave me an idea of my own… but I held off on it for now. I was too busy enjoying the slow, almost dreamlike pace of it, so different from my desperate, demanding encounters with Zack, so long ago…

What, does that surprise you? Dear me, I AM shattering a lot of your illusions about me today! Of course I'd slept with Zack; why else would I have remembered him five years later?

But all that was distracting me from the points at hand; namely, the ones on Tifa's breasts. I felt them growing larger in my mouth as she moaned, and I decided that it was about time to escalate this. I took the hand that I'd been using on her other breast and trailed it down her stomach, parting her legs slowly. I slid my middle finger into her entrance, and she jerked her hips suddenly and gasped out loud.

"Oh! Oh!" Her hands moved away from my breasts and came up to her mouth as she threw her head back. I grinned.

"Oh my, is that a little much for you right now?" I slid a second finger in, and started slowly moving them in and out, reveling in the motion. "I could stop at any time…"

"NO!" she almost shouted. "So… much better than… doing it myself…" Tifa leaned back on the bed, and I moved with her, sliding my breasts along her body as I continued with my finger-play. She tried to keep up with me, really she did; but her body belonged to me. She gasped again as I pulled my fingers out. "No!" she cried out, trying to move herself along with my hand, but I pulled away faster than she could move along the bed.

"Don't worry," I whispered huskily, feeling myself heat up even further as I listened to her mewling cries. "I just want… to taste you…" I lifted my fingers to my mouth and licked them clean of her juices. Tifa tasted so different from how I remembered Zack tasting, so much sweeter, that after a moment's consideration I decided to not even compare them.

I put my fingers back where she wanted them, moving my other hand down to myself as I watched her body move and writhe delightfully, her breasts shifting in fascinating ways with each slight movement… then I touched her clitoris with my thumb, and it was too much for her. She screamed and came, her hips lifting above the bed as her eyes shut and her body shook.

I slid two fingers into myself, closing my eyes as I sought my own orgasm, but it was only a few moments later that I felt a hand at my wrist, pulling it away. "Now, now," I heard Tifa say quietly. "It isn't fair for you to be the only one giving the pleasure here…"

I'd forgotten how strong Tifa really was, but now she gave me a reminder as she picked me up bodily and turned me around, laying me down on the bed. She wasted no time in putting fingers into me, but it seemed she had… extra ideas, as well.

When her fingers pulled out, I couldn't help it; I did exactly what Tifa had done just a minute ago, moving desperately in pursuit, but I bumped into an obstacle first…

Her tongue invaded me, licking tentatively at first, then shoving itself boldly into me, making me whimper and shake with pleasure. Tifa lifted me off the bed slightly, cradling my ass in her hands, and I moved to make it easier for her to hold me.

Her nose bumped itself against my clitoris, and a jolt of lightning traveled up my spine. I moved against her nose again, not thinking, just trying to get that feeling again, and I cried out in relief as another jolt just like the first came from the contact. She drew back a bit, breathing heavily, and I was shocked to find out that just her breathing on me was maddening.

I heard her laugh softly. "I see how it is…" Then, she bent down to her work again, and I moved both of my hands to my breasts, pinching and twisting them as she licked me in long, slow laps. I started shaking uncontrollably, almost twisting myself out of her hands. "Mm! AH!" I had no words to describe the feelings that tore their way through me, only emotions. I reached gratefully out to orgasm, and I lost everything else outside me as it took me. But… she didn't stop! Tifa kept moving her tongue into me, putting one finger on the sensitive flesh that rested right below my sex and rubbing gently. I came again… and once more… like a string of fireworks, they assaulted me, hammering at my senses as each one got better and better, defying every law that I could think of.

Tifa stopped, finally, and I gasped breathlessly in the aftermath. After a moment, I realized that she'd said something, and I asked her, "What was that?"

She repeated, a timid note in her voice, "Was this… your first time?"

I shook my head, then I realized what she was really saying. "This was your first?"

She nodded, and I started laughing; not in a cruel way, but apparently she was feeling a little sensitive because she snapped, "What are you laughing about?!"

With an effort, I stopped laughing and assumed a very serious expression. "You did pretty well… for your first time."

She looked amazed for a moment, then she laughed too. "Yeah, well… I am pretty good buddies with Richard Palmer and his five friends." I must've looked very blank, because she lifted one hand and waggled the fingers at me. "That's what my mother used to call it, so…"

We both shared another laugh at that. I said, "Never heard that before in my life…"

"No? Your loss, then."

I sat up and nudged her arm. "Where did the tongue come into it, then?"

She looked very angelic for a moment as she replied, "Zangan-sensei always taught me to improvise when unusual circumstances arose." Then, she looked down at herself, and sighed. "Well, this doesn't solve anything, but you were right, it did make me feel better… for a while."

I lifted one finger and beeped her nipple. "Now, that's where you're wrong." She looked at me, and I was happy to elaborate. "We don't need to worry about who gets Cloud any more, because we can BOTH share him…"

Tifa shrugged, breasts rolling again with the motion. "What are we going to tell HIM about that?"

"Whatever we want to."

We laughed again, and it felt… good… to have solved one of the problems that beset our lives, even if it wasn't a big problem by the Planet's standards.

But it was a massive one, when measured against three lives intertwined.

And that's what was important.



Well, incidental stuff… When Aeris dies, if you have Tifa in your party, she runs her hand along Aeris's jaw line, then runs away in tears… it COULD be a friendly gesture, but it seems more like something a lover would do.

I suppose the only reason I made anything of it is because I was already hammering this thing out in my mind.

Okay, the name "Hanabi" comes logically. Hanabi is the Japanese word for fireworks (The two kanji are "Flower" + "Fire", a very poetic description to my way of thinking), and in almost every sex story I've read, female orgasm is described by the cop-out of "fireworks going off." Also, Hanabi is the name of one of the songs in FF7, the one that plays during the infamous date.

The original idea for this thing had Aeris and Tifa turning to each other on that date, because Cloud had chosen to go out with Barret…  Sadly, that idea fell through when I decided to write this seriously. Besides, I couldn't get the date with Barret! >_< My information was flawed about how to go about it…

Anyway. If I ever draw fan art for this, it would be a picture of Aeris wasted off her ass, barely able to stand… for some reason I think it would be cute!

Aaron Bergman

"He thought that sex was a lot like food for most people. They would build extravagant feasts in their mind, lading it with every possible exotic food from around the world, but when they got home for the night they were content with a pig-knuckle sandwich and a beer.”
-Terry Pratchett (misquoted, I’m afraid…)

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