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A Shoujo Kakumei Utena story
by Eyewrin "the EVIL Clone" Bergman

Yes, this is a lemon. We ALL know what that means…

For continuity purposes, this takes place somewhere around the middle of the first arc; between episodes 5 and 10… (If you really care, you can pick a spot for it to go.)

-Lemon Warning-

There's something different about her today.

Ignoring Rai for a second (he was just a bit too eager this morning when I asked if he wanted to 'meet' me, and it'd do him good to simmer just a bit longer) I shoved into a small knot of waiting schoolgirls just as they all took a deep breath.


She only looked up briefly, a furtive glance, then she looked back down at the ground as she walked on to her first morning class.


No response from the popular freshman.

"Curiouser and curiouser…" I mumbled. Ordinarily, I could care less about Miki's pink-haired friend; her life and mine almost never crossed paths, but the expression on her face…

It was a look of almost blank terror, as though something was building in her mind; as if she'd seen a new aspect in something that she'd only taken lightly up until now…

It was a look that I'd seen all too often in the mirror.

Rai nudged my elbow, and I realized suddenly that Utena had disappeared into the building already. "Hey, Kozue-chan, if we don't hurry…"

I shrugged and smiled. "What, we'll be late to our first class?" I let the smile drop and said, "Do you think that I'm not worth being late once in a while for?"

He waved one hand desperately, and I knew that he was mine. "No, no, not that at all!"

I smiled again, suddenly cheerful. "Good to hear! Now, let's get going…"

I am not, as some might term me, a slut.

Rather, I am a connoisseur. I sample men just as a wine taster would try grapes from vineyards scattered across the world. I've tried men from all walks of life; from fat and slender to young and old to tall and short from rich and poor and smart to stupid, I've taken a taste of them all, and liked it almost every time.

But like a wine-taster with a tooth for one particular vintage, I always come back to men just a few years older than me; my upperclassmen in the high school.

I wonder what I'll do about that taste in teenagers ten years from now?

But for now, I simply make good use of my emergency kit (a quick douche, a handy napkin, a fresh pair of panties, and a puff of perfume) and wave goodbye to Rai, in more ways than one. He's become a bit… boring. Time to find a new man, one that KNOWS who's in charge of this relationship…

A quick glance at my watch told me that if I hurried, I wouldn't be late to my first class (which was yet ANOTHER thing that was wrong with Rai, if you take my meaning), so I start hurrying.

About three minutes of quick walking later, I found myself passing the rose garden that odd girl Anthy Himemiya spends all her time in. My feet slowed down as I heard Utena Tenjou's voice.

"Himemiya, I didn't want THIS!!! If I'd've known…"

"Utena-sama, it does not matter much…"

"Doesn't matter much?" Utena's voice started to rise, cracking as it went, and I wonder what could have reduced the usually unflappable girl to such a state… "DOESN'T MATTER MUCH?? I… I'm a perfectly n-normal girl, Himemiya. I want a PRINCE, dammit, not… not…"

Himemiya's voice, the legendarily nice, mild girl who always had a kind word to you, even if you'd just slapped her, cut through Utena's wail with a razor's edge. "And do you think that a prince would want anything but a princess? The Power of Dios that I carry, and that you have awakened even slightly, has a mind, a shape of its own, and that shape carries with it…"

"I KNOW what it carries with it NOW, dammit!!" Suddenly, the door burst open, and I faded behind a column as Utena ran out. I looked at her closely; was she… crying?

"Curiouser and curiouser," I murmured again. I heard the door to the rose garden swing shut again, and I continued on my way.

Miki, my twin brother, slammed the door as he entered our room that night, a pained look on his face. "The council meeting didn't go well?" I guessed randomly, trying to bring a smile to his face.

"That wasn't the worst of it," he groused. "At the study meeting with Himemiya and Tenjou earlier, they told me…"

He stopped suddenly, and I got the feeling that he'd been about to tell me something he felt he shouldn't… which made me even MORE curious. "What's wrong with Tenjou-sempai?" I'm afraid my tone was rather sharp, and my initial assumption was proven correct.

Miki's eyes shifted rather uneasily, and I could tell that he was about to lie to me. He never learned how, the poor dear; I almost pity his first girlfriend… a woman doesn't mind being lied to half so much as being lied to badly

"N-nothing important. She just, um, er…"

I waved one hand irritably, then turned to my homework. "I'll give you an hour or so to think of a good cover-up. Until then, I've gotta finish this assignment."

I never called him on it, though, and went to bed that night without my curiosity satisfied. Just what was going on with Utena? And why would Miki be involved?

Although I may not care to use it much (aside from in one particular pursuit, of course) I'm almost as intelligent as my brother, who is a genius. My mind suddenly latched on to the only connection between them (aside from Himemiya, of course): The rings that they both wear.

Miki started wearing his after getting it a strange letter that he stared at for hours before putting it on.

I may not follow Utena around like SOME girls I could name, but as far as I could remember, she'd ALWAYS worn that ring. If I needed confirmation, I could ask one of her fangirls tomorrow.

Maybe it was a long-distance engagement or something?

No, not a chance.

Then again, they HAD been hanging out a lot together of late… perhaps my brother has secrets from me after all…

No, Touga had possessed a similar ring. I remembered it suddenly, because it had been such an odd, amazing sensation when he'd put that finger and the ring on it to good use.


"ARRGH!!" I pulled at my hair. I just didn't have enough data!

Miki didn't wake up at my sudden outburst, for which I was grateful. I put my head over the edge of my bed (I've insisted on the top bunk for years) and watched him sleep for a minute or so.

He's so beautiful. It sometimes surprises me, when I catch him in an unguarded moment, how beautiful he is.

I'm surprised the girls aren't eating him alive by now.


I want to make him mine.

God, I'm turning as bad as that sicko Nanami Kiryuu!

I withdrew from my hanging position and plopped back onto my own bed, sitting cross-legged.

But why do I want him? Because…


Because he is the innocence I left behind so long ago. All I want to do is protect him, to guard him from all the bad, wrong things I know the world holds, to shelter him within my arms.

I do know, however, that I can't guard him forever… after all, how well did he guard me? Maybe I should find him a nice girl before some bitch ends up hurting him. Maybe I should push him towards Himemiya… she seemed nice, if a bit meek… I'd always wondered where she'd gotten her bad reputation… was that all Nanami Kiryuu's fault?

Which brought me back that conversation I'd overheard between Himemiya and Utena. It just didn't make any sense.

What the hell was going on?

The next day…

Rai had been just as upset as I'd predicted to myself, but I had some minor experience in this sort of thing by now, and I managed to back him down with grace and style. No doubt he was sitting in class, wondering why he wasn't angry any more…

But I, however, had excused myself from class for a quick trip to the ladies' room.

We were in the high-school portion of Ohtori that morning to use a lab for our science class; not at all an uncommon occurrence, and I knew where to go.

As I walked through the empty halls of the Ohtori high school, I marveled at how… different… it was without people in it. Sure, there was the dim, muted hum of lectures from behind classroom doors, but it was so peaceful and serene; as if it all belonged to me, and nothing else would EVER disturb this one moment but the clack of my shoes on the tile floor…

The illusion was shattered as a student turned a corner, and I laughed out loud as I adjusted my walk to a much quieter one. He nodded to me, grinned, and walked past. He looked familiar… maybe I'd met him at that party six months back? It had been a pretty wild night…

Distracted by that puzzle, I didn't notice the soft sobbing until I was already in the ladies' room and letting the door swing shut behind me. Once the door slammed, though, the sobbing stopped, and I heard the unmistakable sounds of someone trying to be very quiet.

Maybe it's just my natural bend of mind, but there are only a few things I could think of to weep about in the bathroom, and all of them I am quite qualified to give advice upon. Call it a… hard-earned wisdom.

But it sure was fun at the time…

Both my brother and I share a chivalrous streak; it's not something that I tend to indulge often, but this morning I was feeling, well, a bit wild.

There was only one stall door locked, and due to a misadventure of mine a while ago, I knew that the doors could be opened from the outside. I nudged the door in the proper manner, revealing…

Utena Tenjou, with her trademark red shorts (honestly, hasn't anyone TOLD her what they say about girls with red shorts?) and her panties around her ankles. She took her face away from her hands and looked up at me…

For just a moment, my eyes refused to accept the reality of what I saw there. I KNEW that Utena was as much woman as I; perhaps even more so in some areas. I KNEW that. Truly.

But… there was a rather nice penis hanging down in the toilet. Attached to HER. My gasp of shock escaped before I could control myself.

It twitched even as I looked at it, and I knew, right then and there, that I wanted it, with a sudden intensity that shocked me. A mocking voice began to sing in the back of my head. Kozue-chan's gonna get la-aid. Kozue-chan's gonna get la-aid

Utena burst into tears again, and without thinking I moved to comfort her, struggling to find words.

"Tenjou-sempai, you're a… how long have you been a…" I stumbled over the unfamiliar word. Utena's face curled into a desperate mixture of fear and anger.

"NO!" She shoved me away, then stood up and tried to run away… forgetting, of course, that a pair of shorts can make a good makeshift hobble. I moved to catch her, but I wasn't quite fast enough.

Utena curled up on the floor and started crying again. "I don' want this… I DON'T!"

At this point, I'm going to go off on a bit of a tangent.

Contractors are lazy, and they are cheap. When they find something that works, and that doesn't cost a lot, they buy it, and use it everywhere that they can.

This is the only reason that I've been able to think of for every single bathroom at Ohtori Academy having inside locks on the door. But far be it from me to complain about something that's worked out to my benefit more than once…

I stood up and walked to the door, throwing the bolt with a snick that echoed in the small room.

Then I walked back to Utena and knelt beside her, gathering her up in my arms. Seeing out of the corner of my eye that she'd already kicked one foot loose of her shorts and panties, I smiled and reached over to take them all the way off…

I made comforting sounds as I rocked her back and forth gently, wiping the tears from her face with gentle hands and the occasional soft kiss (hey, kissing isn't always sexual!) "Tenjou-sempai, would you like to tell me about it?"

What came out next confused me quite a bit, but it also made more than a few small mysteries of late clear…

But that isn't important right now. What was important is that as she spoke I made her comfortable to my touch, running my hands down her back, in her soft hair (she flinched for a moment at that, but didn't stop speaking) and down her cheeks and neck.

She didn't seem too aware of it, but she'd been erect since I'd first taken her into my arms.

Utena finished her story with a shudder and, "When I woke up yesterday morning, I had… this…" She paused. "Himemiya says it's because I'm the Prince, and the Prince has to be a m-m-man…"


That simple question seemed to shock her for a moment. After that moment was over, though…

"I'm a woman! That's all I've ever wanted to be! I've never looked at girls that way, and I've never wanted to!" Her eyes scrunched up again, and she looked like she was going to cry. "I… I…"

This heralded, in technical terms, my move.

For the first time, I touched her penis, wrapping one hand around the base. It was fairly long, not too thick; just long enough to have fun with, but not anything that would give me any problems… at first. I smiled at the sudden memory…

"This… is wrong… ahh!" she half yelped, half groaned, and I started to slide my hand up and down her cock as I whispered huskily in her ear.

"How can what you're feeling right now be wrong, Utena-chan?"

I brought my hand away, sliding one finger over the head, and it came away with a line of pre-cum that glistened in the sunlight through the window. Not wanting to let it go to waste, I brought that finger up to my mouth and sucked it. Utena watched me with a half-terrified, half-thrilled look that I'm all too familiar with. Somehow, seeing it on the face of a woman instead of a man made it even cuter.

"The answer is that… it can't." I started to unbutton her uniform shirt as I spoke. "Sex is only now, Utena-chan; it only lasts a glorious moment, and then the moment is gone. What comes after… what comes before… THOSE are the things that can ruin sex. I've made this promise before, and I'll make this promise again: this sex has no baggage. It's only for that glorious moment."

I tweaked one nipple as I finished unhooking a rather frilly and shockingly feminine bra, noting with some amusement that her nipples were almost the exact shade of her hair. She shivered and said, "But… but…"

I put one finger against her lips; the same finger that was still coated in my saliva. "No 'buts,' Utena-chan. Buts are baggage, and I've already said my bit about that, haven't I?"

With that, I bent down and sucked her as she writhed on the bathroom floor.

It tasted sweet; she'd washed it just this morning probably. Thank God, I hate the taste of dirt and… other, less noble things. As I caressed her breasts with one hand, my other moved down her body to check on something that I was quite curious about…

What was my question, and what was the answer?

Why, that's my little secret.

I listened to the noises she made with an amused ear; the last time I'd had the chance to listen to another girl having sex, most of my attention had been occupied by the man occupying me…

But, as I listened to her squeal and moan, I had to wonder: do I sound like that?

If so, that wouldn't have been a bad thing at all. Not at all.

I shifted the hand I'd had on her breasts to my own organ, to check the state of readiness, as it were… and as my hand slid into my panties and over my clit, I shook and almost came right there, moaning around my mouthful of Utena.

How long had I been simmering, anyway, to be brought so quickly to a boil?

Deciding somewhat regretfully to hold off my orgasm until I put Utena's cock into me, I slid my hand back out of my panties and put it to work with its partner in crime, gently massaging her balls with one hand as I slid the other up and down, occasionally bumping my face.

My mouth I kept busy, sometimes just lightly sucking on her head, others plunging as far down Utena's shaft as I could. For some reason, I couldn't quite relax enough to get those last two pesky inches into my mouth, and I half-glared at the small tuft of pink hair as I continued to bob up and down.

I felt the slight… well… shift that heralded a man's cum, and I pulled away from her entirely, lifting my hands to my mouth and licking them clean. She looked at me with an almost crazed expression, and I asked seductively, "Do you want me to stop now, Utena-chan? Or do you want that glorious moment?"

"Y-yes! YES!"

Ten seconds later, she was cumming in my mouth.

One of my friends often says that she can't stand the taste of it, and she looks at me quite funny whenever I talk about how much I love it.

It's hard for me to resist swallowing it all right now, but I know all the tricks; I let a small dollop of it escape from the corner of my mouth as I look into Utena's eyes. A picture that I still have somewhere proved to me how sexy this looks, and I'll do anything for my art.

It did its job.

Just as Utena was starting to soften, the sight got to her at a visceral level, and the limp began to straighten. Not wanting to let any go to waste, however, I quickly wiped it off with my hand and licked my fingers clean again.

This is why I'll always move back to younger men. No matter how skilled older men may be, no matter how much control they may have, only a few of them have the sexual strength to get it back up right after spending. This is a problem for me, because I love the taste of cum and I love the feel of a man inside me, and I don't like to wait.

With younger men, though, the first time is usually just to take the edge off them, and give them some stamina for the second stretch. Heck, sometimes I can convince them to go for a THIRD time, which is always special; I so love to taste my juices and theirs mingled on the sweetest lollipop of them all.

Of course, they walk funny for a few days afterward, but none of them have complained where I could hear…

Anyway. I quickly worked my way out of my skirt and blouse (I have it down to a five-second stunt), leaving only my bra and panties on. Because I hadn't really been expecting any action this morning, they were fairly plain; not nearly a match for the bra that was still pushed up around Utena's neck.

I looked at it for a moment, then chuckle. "Why did you choose something like that, for God's sake? It doesn't seem… well… you."

Utena almost smiled, a sign that things were going well. "I… um… wanted to wear something that reminded me I was a girl… but now…" She looked down at herself, and I could see her precious cock wilting just a bit.

I shook my head as I reached around to unclasp my bra. My breasts bounced a bit as I released them, and I bent down towards her, moving in for a kiss. "Man or woman, it doesn't matter. All that matters is this: that you enjoy what I do, and I enjoy what you do."

With that, I touched her lips with mine for the first time.

It was a shy, almost demure kiss, compared to what we'd already shared so far; just our lips brushing, but…

I broke away, and slowly peeled off my panties.

I keep myself shaved clean for several very good reasons, not the least of which is that it makes sex sooo much better than I would've believed. The first time that a man ran a razor down my skin… ooh!

I bounced my breasts just slightly, looking down at them lovingly (can I help it if I like my own body almost as much as I like a man's?) and when I looked up, I saw that Utena had shrugged out of her uniform coat and pulled her undershirt over her head. She started to stand up. "Um… how are we gonna.."

I put one hand firmly against her stomach (firm, but with so-soft skin…) and shoved her back to the floor. "Oh, no," I said softly. "We're going to do this the easy way. Just lie back and… enjoy the ride."

With a small frown, she laid back, and I lowered myself onto her. After a moment of adjustment, I fitted her properly into me… and my decision to hold off on my orgasm was proven worthwhile as Utena sunk to the hilt inside me and the sheer feeling of fullness sent me right over the brink.

When my sight cleared, I saw Utena smiling up at me. "A good one, was it?"

That reminded me of the fact that this was, after all, a woman underneath me (despite some after-factory add-ons, if you understand me), and I smiled. "Yes, thank you very much…" I rolled my hips back and forth just a bit, grinding my clit against her thatch of hair, and Utena groaned. "I think I'll return the favor."

With that said, I set to using every trick I've learned in a year and a half of sex. Some sluts don't know how to keep themselves tight, or else they're too lazy to do it, which I can't understand; all it takes is a few simple exercises to keep almost as tight as the first time. The men thank you, and you thank yourself…

I love that feeling of fullness, of being filled, more than anything else; that's why all I did for the first minute or so was just roll my hips, not moving up and down, just shifting and rubbing our bodies together. I reached down and grabbed one of Utena's hands that she'd placed on her breasts and raised it to my own. "I w-want you to p-play with my breasts, Utena-chan…" I almost slurred out. Oh, God, this was good!

She toyed with my nipples for a bit as I leaned down and started sucking on her own. It was the first time I'd ever actually had a woman's breast in my mouth, but I had to admit that it was a lot better than a man's; for one thing, there was much less hair.

Then Utena got a mischievous grin and suddenly, I felt her pulling one of my nipples out! I looked down and saw that it was almost an inch away from my breast, and oh the pain mixed with the pleasure all together in one giant flame that burnt through me…

When I recovered again, Utena was still grinning up at me. "A better one, was it?"

I nodded, not trusting my voice for a moment, then I say, "Yeah… that's only been done to me once before… oh…" I knew that my breast would be sore tomorrow, but it all seemed worth it in the moments after.

Two orgasms and Utena hadn't even spent yet! It might be a three-orgasm day yet…

When HAD been the last time I'd had three orgasms in one day? Even Touga had only given me two… and the second hadn't been so grand…

With that thought, I was determined to get the third, even if it killed me. Or Utena. Whichever came first…

I raised myself until I could just barely feel Utena still inside me, then I slammed myself down. She… well… it's undignified to say so, but she squealed. "Ah!" As I kept slamming myself up and down, sometimes going faster, sometimes slowing down and putting power behind it, Utena started moving with me, and the sound of our bodies slapping together filled the little room.

"Utena-chan, THIS is wh-what sex is ah-about," I started to explain as I reached down and toyed with her nipples. "Oh-oh-only the two smartest species on the planet have s-sex for pleasure; that's no accident. G-God gave us this thing. What's sick about this is h-how people get hung up over it" for a fleeing, uncomfortable moment, I saw a man's face that mirrored mine, a sad look in his beautiful blue eyes, then I shook it away "a-and that's wrong."

All of a sudden, I'm struck by the sheer strangeness of all this - me, bucking and riding a female prince, using philosophy as dirty talk - and I have to start laughing through the gasps of sheer pleasure. "I'll bet THIS ha-has NEVER happened, ever…"

Unlike the first two, this orgasm was coming (pun not intended) as no surprise to me. I felt it building in my lower body as I increased my tempo, small inarticulate sounds coming from deep in my throat. I move my hands away from Utena's breasts and use one on my own, shifting the other down to where our bodies were joined. I rubbed my clit, shifted my lips, and just when I was coming closer to the brink…

Utena moved my hand aside and started rubbing my clit herself.

She had a different technique than me. While I liked to almost savagely attack myself, Utena rubbed me gently, slowly, almost teasingly. She shifted herself upwards, not stopping that wondrous friction between us, and put her own mouth to work on my breasts as her free hand moved to my ass, rubbing gently.

It was the third time in my life that I've screamed during an orgasm.

Boy, was I ever glad that the walls of Ohtori were thick stone…

As I looked down at the top of Utena's head, cradling it closer to my breast, I decided that it was time to bring her off.

I may have mentioned certain exercises before for keeping oneself tight; one fringe benefit to strengthening those muscles comes in very handy at times like this.

I clenched down on her cock as we continued riding; not hard at first, but it was enough to make her gasp in renewed pleasure. I continued the pace, now varying how tight I was along with how fast I went, until I had her lying back against the ground again, hands scrabbling against the ground, sounds trying to come from her throat but just not able to as more than high-pitched whines, and I leaned down to her head, clenched as hard as I could just as I hit the base of her cock again, and whispered in her ear,


She did.

I laid down on top of her for a moment, her cock still inside me, then slid off and ran my fingers down into my crotch, coming up with a handful of our juices. Of course, I licked them right up.

Utena raised herself to one elbow. Now what, her face tried to ask, but after two orgasms she wasn't quite up to looking morose.

I answered her question by kneeling back down (oh, thank the person who decided that the floors of the Ohtori Academy should be heated!) and taking her cock back into my mouth, slurping everything I could off of it.

Surprise of surprises, once again she rose to the occasion.


As I worked my skills to the limit, trying to milk her as fast as possible, closing my eyes in concentration as her fingers tangled in my hair…

I felt her change.

I'm not quite sure how to describe it, other than that.

The cock I was sucking was still hers; but it was someone else's at the same time.

I opened my eyes, and like a ghost superimposed over Utena's body, there was a man with the same shade of skin as Himemiya's.

I nodded idly as I started to hum, continuing my motion. This would be the Prince that had started to change Utena's body into his image, then. I moved my eyes upward, and saw…

The most beautiful man I've ever seen in my life.

No, strike that. Miki was still the most beautiful; this man was beyond mere words. He had… he had… something, something GRAND, and although it was strangely familiar to me, I couldn't think of who else had it for a moment…

Until the illusion wavered for a moment, and I saw Utena's pale skin under his, and realized that Utena had the same… feeling… although not nearly as strongly.

This, then, was what it meant to be a prince, to have that raw strength stretching forth from every fiber of your being.

I almost didn't feel worthy of sucking him off. But those are the sorts of situations I start to perform the best in.

"What's your name, girl?" His voice was lightly amused, deep, masculine, and suited him perfectly. It also reminded me of Utena, somehow, despite the two being nothing alike.

I reluctantly stopped sucking his cock, and as I pulled my head back, tendrils of cum and saliva clung to me, joining my lips and his cockhead in a glistening weave. "I'm Kozue Kaoru, sir…" I wasn't quite sure how to address a prince, but I also wasn't about to let that stop me.

He chuckled. "Kozue… it suits you, I think…"

Conversation over, I bend back to business. His fingers clenched the back of my head as I finally managed to suck his cock in all the way to the base, then I released it and ran my tongue down his shaft until I reached his balls, taking first one, then the other into my mouth while keeping my hand moving on the cock.

"I… I have to tell you, Kozue, that in my previous job, I've been sucked by some of the best in the land. And you give great fucking head…" With that said, he grunted again, and I moved my head away from his balls and started on his cock again.

It wasn't long after that. I swallowed every drop this time, not wanting to bother with playing around, and I released his cock reluctantly.

He raised himself on one elbow and ran his fingers down his body. "I… I'm not meant to live this way again, I think. I suppose that it's time to let the destiny shape this girl, instead of presuming to do it myself…" He nodded to me, noble even naked lying on a girl's bathroom floor. "I'll probably not see you again, but if you do see me again…" He started fading out. "…beware… Kozue… beware of me…"

It took my eyes a moment to see Utena after he'd gone for some reason; and it took several blinks for me to see her clearly enough to register one very important detail:

She no longer had a cock.

I sighed in regret, but not too deeply; after all, how would Utena be Utena if she were a man?

Utena had fainted, which didn't surprise me at all for some reason. I used my emergency kit again, contemplated giving her a quick douche as well, and decided against it. I put her clothes back on her gently and half-carried her into the same stall she'd been in at the start of this whole incident.

After replacing my own clothes, I unlocked the door and checked my watch. Still five minutes until the lab was over? Had it really only been that long?

I stepped out carefully, making sure that there was no one nearby, and quickly walked back to class.

The story I told my teacher was, "I met a female student having… sexual problems… in the bathroom, and you know that I'm well-equipped to give someone advice about that…"

Indeed he did. It's really too bad that his wife doesn't leave town more often; she has him quite well-trained…

Sigh. The only problem with having sex with teachers is that they always think you're only trying to bribe them…

I smiled as a sudden thought occurred to me, one that would give me access to all the teenage boys I could ever want.

"What are you smiling about?"

I look up at my friend and say, "I think I'm gonna become a high school teacher once I finish college…"


Author's notes: It has been quite some time since I last put a fiction out on the web for all to enjoy, so I shall re-introduce myself.

Greetings. My name is Eyewrin. I am an Evil Clone. The recent American ban of human cloning has made me embrace my clonality, spreading the word that cloning isn't all that bad, really! (Well, I'm bad, but that's a different story altogether…)

*ahem* To get to the point of this fic, now…

I love Shoujo Kakumei Utena. (The English dub is bad enough that I NEVER refer to it as Revolutionary Girl.) Chiho Saito was feeling very, VERY bitter when she conceived most of the basic story, and I can dig that. A lot.

The one part of the story that I don't like much, though, is in fact the bedrock that Utena rests upon as a tale.

To wit, it represents good-ol' fashioned heterosexual relationships as damaging, painful, and too much to bear.

Don't get me wrong, I like lesbians as much as the next guy! But there are WAY too many cute girls floating around on that campus for me to enjoy the thought that all of them are turning to each other…

Okay, that thought's kind of amusing too. But… there's nothing wrong with heterosexuality, dammit, and sometimes it annoys me that Shoujo Kakumei Utena seems to think otherwise. So this story is, basically, kind of, in a way, the story of a good-old fashioned heterosexual relationship.

On the subject of so-called 'dickgirls', though…

I ordinarily detest them. But, after a long, sleepless night, I had to ask myself, "Why do I find something like that icky? In what kind of story would I find that to be not only acceptable, but actually almost fitting into the storyline..?"

Credits: Shoujo Kakumei Utena belongs to Chiho Saito and the Be-Papas.

If it belonged to me, I wouldn't've let Akio fuck up and lose, believe you me… he chose just the WRONG way to break Utena, he did… what an idiot…

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